Hello, my name is Karina. I was born and raised in Germany.  All my life I was very protective of animals and as I got older my passion for their welfare grow even stronger.I grow up eating meat and dairy as you can imagine. The very animals that I loved so much. Germany is known for great sausages and sandwich meat! All my life I was told that we need to have our protein, and not just any protein. It had to come from animals.

I immigrated to the US in 1990 and shortly there after I saw a show on TV about veal. I also read a book by John Robbins called “Diet for a New America”. That’s when I decided to become a vegetarian, thinking that I did something really great. The animals don’t have to be killed for cheese and eggs, right?


I was a vegetarian for 8 years, but went back to eating meat, because I gained 40 lbs. in just a few years. I believed that it was because I ate to much cheese and eggs and that we need the meat to be healthy. I believed that somehow the meat must be different from cheese. I still can’t believe that I actually went back to eating the animals I loved so much! Anyone I talked to about that said that it is just how it is and that animals eat other animals and we are animals also, so that’s what we have to do, and we have always eaten animals.

I did not feel good at all about it, but I was brain washed by society, by my doctor and advertising on TV. I did lose the 40 lbs., but not because I ate meat again. I lost the weight, because I stopped eating cinnamon rolls and other sugary foods that were loaded with fat. In just a few years I gained 25 lbs. back.

One day I noticed a couple of Youtube videos about factory farming and I was shocked about the cruelty that was going on against animals. I couldn’t stop crying! It really bothered me that I was part of it. I supported that by buying animal products. I couldn’t believe that this was legal! After some research I found out that it is in fact legal and that there were other cruel practices I didn’t know about and most people don’t either. I found out that farmed animals have no rights at all! They are just seen as commodities. There is absolutely no consideration about their fear, and pain. They are just things! That was the day in 2009 when I stopped eating meat again.

It was only about 3 months later when I saw a video on fishing that showed a closeup of the fish gasping for air. They were literally suffocating! That was IT for me! I could not live with myself supporting this immense cruelty to innocent sentient beings anymore. My research showed that not only are we killing the animals, we are abusing them, because it is more profitable and convenient when we do. There are so many legal practices such as grinding off the tip of baby chicks beaks or cutting of the tails of baby pigs without any  pain killers. They say that it is done for their own protection from each other. You see, the animals literally go crazy being confined. They pick and bite each other. How about not confining them, or not exploit and kill them in the first place??

During the 3 month period since I stopped eating meat I researched every day and I was stunned about the misinformation they were feeding the public! I found out that the eggs industry is the worst. I had no idea that “free range” really doesn’t mean anything. It really doesn’t exist. People think they are doing something good buying meat and dairy without antibiotics. It’s good for the people but really bad for the animals, because they still get infections and can not be treating with antibiotics. It all didn’t make any sense to me! I knew that I did not want to support this industry anymore, so I quit eating all animal products. My boyfriend and I went on our journey of eating a plant diet the day we made the decision to not harm anymore innocent beings.

Not knowing how to go about it, I “googled” vegan recipes and found thousands of wonderful recipes that were creative and delicious! I didn’t care where I would get my protein at that point. I just didn’t want to be responsible for any killing anymore. Making that decision was like lifting a huge heavy rock off my shoulders! It was literally THE BEST DECISION I have EVER made in my entire life!

Doing more research I found many vegans online and even vegan doctors and that convinced me that not only is a vegan lifestyle saving animals, It is also better for us humans. I read “The China Study” and various other books on nutrition and I became obsessed with reading and saving vegan recipes. I even love cooking now! We both never looked back! We are totally convinced that living a vegan life is better for the planet, human health and of course for the animals. We are vegan for life!

Oh, did I mention that some health problems we both had disappeared just like that? We are in our 60’s and we do not take any medication and we are going to the gym and are hiking mountains all on a plant diet. No protein deficiency here!

Me before and after vegan with Linda

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