The Vegan Hate (Of Late).

Vegan In Training

I’m fairly confident in saying that Haters are something  most Vegans are used to. I say “Haters” because that’s what they are – they’re not educated, informed individuals who simply don’t agree with the Vegan movement or truths. They’re people who, whether they admit it or not, are threatened by the Vegan movement itself because it poses a huge risk to them – the risk they may change. The risk they may end up going Vegan themselves.

I understand fear of change – everybody understands it. The vast majority of human beings do not embrace change when it is thought shifting, mind opening and life altering…this type of change forces people out of their comfort zones and I truly comprehend why most people seek to avoid it (Cognitive Dissonance). It’s natural, it’s human – but it’s not smart and it severely limits one in terms of self growth.

Understandable? Yes. Intelligent?

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