I Can’t Believe I Have to Say It: A Human Life is Not Worth More than a Gorilla’s

Kirschner's Korner

In I can’t believe I have to say it: a human life is worth more than a gorilla’s, Dave Bry argues that the suggestion that an animal’s life has the same value as a person’s life is “insulting, terrible, wrong, and offensive.” By showing his inability as a human to empathize with the plight of animals, Bry unwittingly makes a compelling case against humans. His justification for elevating the value of human life over animal life is even more astonishing. Bry writes, animals “don’t have the empathy, the sympathy, the language, the particular and unique sort of love that we share with each other. These are powerful, important things about being a human being, things that I think a lot of human beings don’t consider enough.”

Or, as in the case of Bry–consider too much. Bry’s article is good fodder for satire but sadly he isn’t kidding. Even a cursory study of…

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