If Chickens Could Speak

Kirschner's Korner

I am a chicken. I have the same five senses as you. I can see, smell, touch, hear, and taste. I experience pain, misery, loneliness, and happiness. I like to socialize and enjoy time with my family and friends. I am intelligent and follow a pecking order. I can recognize other chickens by sight and smell. I nest and nurture my young. I chirp dozens of vocalizations and speak my own language. I have a long term memory. I like to sit in trees. I run towards food because I enjoy eating. I am scared of loud noises. I have a purpose in this world just like you. Simply because you don’t have the capacity to understand it doesn’t make it any less significant than your purpose in this world. From the day I am born until the day I die, I am the most disrespected and mistreated animal on the face of the…

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Why Veganism?

This is just so heart breaking! I used to be a vegetarian for eight years thinking that I’m doing something really great not eating meat and fish. I didn’t realize that I was still killing baby animals! I don’t know why I thought that cows and chickens don’t have to be killed after they stop giving us their milk and eggs. I didn’t think that they would retire somewhere. I wasn’t thinking at all. It just never crossed my mind that they stop producing eggs and milk and then they will be killed. It never crossed my mind that these were females. What happened to all the males??? They have to die right after birth, because they are useless to the industry!

I really loved animals and yet I was in denial about what happens to them. Please go vegan! Killing for palate pleasure is just plain wrong!

You are literally killing babies if you are eating dairy and eggs!